Klingon culture has invaded our media — news, print, and film:

On Comedy Central, Jon Stewart reported on Representative David Wu's likening of the White House administration to faux Klingons. A couple of guest commentators from the original series provided hilarious lampoons of Wu, themselves, and pop culture. Beyond the obvious humor, though, is Wu to be commended or criticized for speaking the people's language in the House of Representatives? Is he effectively hip to pop culture, or is he dumbing down American politics? More important: would Wu's comparison have been strengthened by substituting Cardassians for Klingons?

Meanwhile, if last week's TRON comic book didn't sate your geek appetite, perhaps this week's TNG comic book will.

Further, the silver screen seems to be sporting a new film about 300 bloodthirsty, aggressive, barbaric Klingons defending Qo'noS against the Hur'q. Doubtless we'll be subjected to bat'leths, mek'leths, and many other pointy sources of violence.

Finally, my favorite Klingon joke:

Why did Worf color his hair?

… Because it was a good day to dye!!

Yes, I know — that's a joke deserving of Hegh'bat

5 Replies to “Qapla!”

  1. a new film about 300 bloodthirsty, aggressive, barbaric Klingons

    That's another Klingon joke, right? Or are you just checking to see whether anyone is reading?

  2. The film may be intended to be about a different matter (something about Thermopylae?), but when I saw the trailer, I really did think to myself that the characters were acting very Klingon-like.

  3. The scary part is that I know what you mean! I might not have thought about Klingons without your prompting, but you can definitely see a resemblance! :-)

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