Review, ruminations, and plenty of spoilers after the jump.

I didn't mind any of the deaths — not Hedwig, or Dobby, or Madeye, or Fred; this is war, after all. But I did mind Tonks': not only was the actress who played her really cute, but it left Teddy with no parents (or grandfather), with only Harry as a godfather… much as Fred and Lily left Harry with no one but Sirius.

My problem is with the first half of the book, which consists of little more than random, frustrated exploring and Harry wondering, "Why does this look familiar?" Once they get captured and brought to the Malfoy's, though, things started to heat up.

Now, the parts of The Deathly Hollows I didn't get:

  • How did Harry know the Horcrux in Gringott's was the Hufflepuff cup?
  • What was that whole thing about Voldemort's soul keeping Harry alive? All talk of souls and spells aside, the only reason I can see why the Killing Curse didn't work was because it was cast by the Elder Wand.
  • How will Harry dying a natural death undo the Elder Wand? All he has to do is be defeated or disarmed, even if he's not in possession of the Deathstick at the time.
  • How did Neville pull the Gryffindor Sword from the Sorting Hat? I understand the precedent set by The Chamber of Secrets, but still, I thought the sword had been stolen by Griphook?

I think I still prefer The Half-Blood Prince and even The Goblet of Fire to this one.