Various news wires are reporting that J. K. Rowling has outed the Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore as gay.

My response: So what? What's the purpose in her revelation at this point in the franchise's life? Dumbledore has been dead for more than two years, and his sexual preference never proved to be a factor in the role he played at Hogwart's, in Harry's life, or in the fight against Voldemort — all of which are now closed chapters. Is this just Ms. Rowling's attempt at generating more controversy and thus inciting sales now that the summer months of The Deathly Hallows ' release are past? Granted, she's already released other details that were not in the books, but those were substantive. Anything else is immaterial.

One Reply to “Dumbledore Is Gay”

  1. While I understand wanting to portray non-stereotypical gay people, it doesn't add any new dimensions to the story. There is no need to add layers that may have been there in the author's mind, but didn't get emphasized in the book. I think there is enough going on in the story, that we don't need to know who's gay and who isn't. I mean, we really know nothing of most of the Hogwarts professors' lives. It's not about them!

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