Worst book of the series. By far. To a casual fan such as Hiphopguy23, the books in the series really got worse and worse. And by worse, Hiphopguy23 means more labyrinthine and self-referential. Reading Harry Potter 7, Hiphopguy23 felt like he needed a reference guide or a wiki page open at all times to fill in the gaps that J.K. Rowling was glossing over. Hiphopguy23 had many unanswered questions that only the Harry Potter zealots would be able to answer on the spot, such as:

  • Why did Dumbledore drink that goblet full of poison again?
  • Whatever happened to that evil teacher who caused Harry to write on his hand?
  • Who the heck is Mundungus Fletcher?
  • How many freaking Horcruxes are there, and how many has Harry identified?

Hiphopguy23 realizes the "true" fans loved this book because it answered all these unanswered questions and, "Oh look, J.K Rowling mentioned a purple-belly HackleSnork on Page 145 of Book 1 and now she talks in detail about it in this book!" Meanwhile, Hiphopguy23 is trying to figure out what in blazes a purple-belly HackleSnork is and why it is more dangerous than a yellow-tailed DingleBerry.

Nonetheless, like a trooper, Hiphopguy23 stayed all the way until the end…well, mostly the end. The last chapter / epilogue was pure sap and utter trash. Hiphopguy23 read three paragraphs of the epilogue and then found something more productive to do, like trying to see how long he could hold his breath. But the reason Hiphopguy23 (mostly) finished was because he wanted these questions answered:

  1. Will the special magic truant officer be after Harry for skipping school for a year?
  2. Does Harry Potter die at the end?
  3. Does Harry Potter die at the end and then come back to life completely unexplained?
  4. Why did Snape kill Dumbledore?
  5. Is Dumbledore really dead?
  6. No, seriously, is Dumbledore really dead?
  7. Will Harry continue getting out of impossible situations by his foolproof magic spell — Deus Ex Machina?
  8. Was this book really worth the $34.99 cover price and did anybody actually pay that much?

J.K Rowling answers some of these questions, but not all. Hiphopguy23 gives this book a generous thumbs down.

One Reply to “A casual fan's review of Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows”

  1. OK if you got to #7, you must've read 1-6 so what which was your favorite? I liked #2 Chambers of Secrets.
    What confused me in book 7 was that in one scene we supposedly see Lord V. stealing the Elder wand from Dumbledore's tomb and then at the end Harry has it. I had to go back to book 6 to find that Draco Malfoy tried to kill Dumbledore before Snape got to him and thus Draco had control of the Wand without knowing it. The Epilogue was lame!
    So was it really worth 34.99? I was disappointed with the ending so I wished I'd waited a week or two later and not paid so much!

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