Ken is the associate online editor at, as well as webmaster of the Showbits, Gamebits, Wordbits, and Apple II Bits hobbyist blogs, and editor-in-chief and publisher of Juiced.GS, a quarterly retrocomputing print publication. Formerly, Ken was sysop of the dial-up gaming BBS, The Playground; sysop of the Video Gaming Central forum on CompuServe; staff writer for the Showbiz forum on GEnie; and sysop of the Showbits, Gamebits, Prolific Quill, and Singles forums, and message board manager of the Role-Playing Games forum, on Syndicomm Online. Offline, Ken has been a newspaper columnist, reporter, and paginator; a teacher of 11th grade tech writing, film studies, and bowling; and a neurodiagnostic laboratory assistant.